The initial step should be choosing the number of bricks you will need by considering what surface should be covered with them. To determine it by yourself, the following should be calculated:

  • The area that a single brick covers (the "depth" of a brick should not be considered in the calculation).
  • Size of the mortar joint.
  • The size of the wall (again, it's only surface that is important, devoid of the thickness of the wall). Just put the width and the length OR go straight for the square footage.


The brick calculator can easily work out how many bricks will be required. Besides, there is a function which calculates the wastage, it signifies the percentage of the bricks which can be destroyed. Consequently, the brick calculator supply you 2 numbers. The first one provides you how many bricks will be required to construct a wall of particular dimensions, whereas the second one provides the required numbers of bricks while considering inevitable wastage.