Benefits of Dumpy Level Survey

The dumpy level provides the following benefits to the surveying.

  • Easy construction with less variable parts.
  • Less alterations is required.
  • Because of the inflexibility of dumpy levels, it maintains its two adjustment for a prolonged period.
  • High optical power.

Perfect method for applying a Dumpy Level for Surveying

The following instruments are necessary for dumpy level survey.

  • Dumpy Level
  • Tripod.
  • E meter staff or English staffs


Besides, an assistant should be appointed for a dumpy level survey. As soon as everything is prepared, the following points should be taken into consideration for implementing dumpy level survey properly.

  • Initially, the tripod should be configured correctly to retain the dumpy level. The tripod height should be altered unless it attains the eye level. Then, the legs of the tripod should be shifted to a balanced position to retain the instrument correctly. Lastly, tripod legs should be secured by pressing them to the ground.
  • The dumpy level instrument should be placed on the top of the tripod. To screw the device firmly on the tripod with foot screw. Since the level head is very sensitive, special attention should be given in this step.
  • To work appropriately, ensure to make the dumpy level entirely horizontal. The dumpy level is positioned to a leveled condition with foot-screws (leveling screws). Leveling screws are altered unless the alignment bubble remains in the center of the marker.
  • The operator should glance through the eyepiece of the telescope.
  • An assistant grasps an E meter or staff vertical at the point under measurement. Generally, this staff has both imperial and metric measurements. The 'E' on the staff is similar to five centimeters.
  • The elevations (levels) of several points are collected with the instrument and staff.
  • Measurement normally commences from a benchmark with the recognized height obtained by a previous survey, or an random point with an assumed height.