Cantilevered Roof Truss

A Cantilevered Roof Truss is developed where the main body of the truss protrudes outside the support. All the standard roof truss profiles are cantilevered at one or both ends. The structural treatment of the cantilevered roof truss differs from a higher cantilever distance. The Cantilever Web is provided to make the bottom chord stronger. The maximum allowable cantilever distance is usually restricted to the lesser of a quarter of the setting out points span, or the first internal node point. In some cases, a cantilever makes the outer bottom chord bay to be in compression and a lateral brace is necessary.


Benefits of Cantilevered Beams and Trusses

  • The construction process is uncomplicated for cantilever beam.
  • No support is required on the opposite side.
  • Cantilevered structure produces a negative bending moment that neutralizes the positive bending moment of back-spans.