Delamination also happens for the following reasons :

  • The application of a sticky mortar mix with a vast amount of fines.
  • Extreme evaporation.
  • Fast completion of finishing works.

If the finishing work is accomplished rapidly, the delamination issue is expanded over the whole area. It impacts greater zones of the concrete surface.

This detachment layers remain in 3 to 6mm thick. Delamination is mostly found in concrete slabs.


Impact of Delamination on Concrete Performance

When the delamination is expanded across the concrete surface, the performance of the concrete surface is reduced significantly. Delamination also leads to disjointing of the flooring material from the top surface of the concrete.

Delamination tears up any top coat on the concrete surface and moisture enters through pathways. Moisture penetration develops cracks and the performance of the structure is impacted.