Steel guide rollers or guide shoes are connected with the top and bottom of the sling structure on every side to go away the guide rails. The guide rails are made of steel and are affixed to the interior walls of the elevator shaft that frees from the top of the building to the bottom. The emergency brake mechanism contains two clamping faces which are pushed together by a wedge to press on the guide rail. The wedge functions by a screw moved by a drum that is stuck on the emergency cable.

Structural Component of Lifts:-

The followings are the major components of a lift elevator.

  • Moist way or shaft or lift well
  • Machine Room
  • Lift lit

Categorization of Lift Elevator :-

  • Drum Type- Rope wounds around a drum
  • Traction Type- Pulley/Breaks/Motor
  • Gearless
  • Geared


Types of Lift

The following types of lifts are generally found :-

  • Passenger lifts
  • Hospital or Bed Lifts
  • Goods or Freight lift
  • Service lifts or Dumb waiter