Steps for Construction of Formwork

A superior formwork should have the following characteristics :-

  • Good strength to resist various types of dead and live loads.
  • Firmly built up effectively propped and braced both horizontally and vertically in order to keep its proper shape.
  • The joints in the formwork should have been tight to get rid of leakage of cement grout.
  • Construction of formwork should allow elimination of different parts in required sequences devoid of any damage to the concrete.
  • The materials provided in the formwork should be cost-effective, easily accessible and suitable for reprocessing.
  • The formwork should be arranged perfectly to the required line and levels should contain plane surface.
  • It should be as light as possible.
  • The material of the formwork should not wrap or become deformed when uncovered to the components.
  • The formwork should be supported on rigid base.
  • The plan of the structure should involve least number of variations in the size of rooms, floor area etc. in order to facilitate reprocessing of the formwork frequently.
  • The design should be proper to apply slender sections only in a most reasonable method.
  • Minimum sawing and cutting of wooden pieces should be built up to facilitate reprocessing of the material a significant period of time. The quantity of surface finish is based on the quality of the formwork.