To construct a wider column, save a significant amount of work and material by simply veneering the bricks around a block column. The best way is to fill the inside of the columns with either mortar or concrete for keeping greater strength. In fact, just put wet mortar in the column while placing the bricks. In the case of veneering the bricks around the block column, the column should be created with solid concrete.

Step 2:

Soaked the bricks for some time before starting the construction of the column to stop the bricks from soaking up the excessive mortar.


Step 3:

Sketch a 12 inch x 12 inch (30.48 cm x 30.48 cm) blueprint of your column on the ground where the base of the brick column is situated. The bricks can be set up in the following ways :

Apply a 6 ft level and plumb each curse while erecting the column.

Draw a string line from the edge of the first brick on the bottom to the very top on each of the corners.

It is done to line up the edges initially but it will save time considerably by not using the level each time installing a brick. It is required to line up the corner of your bricks to the string and it will give you an exact guideline up to the top. Verify if your joints are uniformly sized and the bricks are properly level on each course.