Landing: It refers to the horizontal slab provided in among the flights of a staircase. The purpose of landing is to adjust the moving direction of a stair.

Flight: Generally, a staircase contains two flights. One is located under the landing and another is over the landing.

The flight under the landing is known as first flight and the flight over the landing is known 2nd flight.

Given below, the detail process for working out the concrete quantity of any staircase :-

  • Steps and waist slab of 1st flight-
  • Steps and waist slab of 2nd flight
  • Landing


Concrete volume for 1st flight of the staircase

The calculation is done on the basis of the following data :-

  • Riser = 6 inches
  • Tread = 10 inches
  • Length of a step = 4 feet
  • Number of steps = 9
  • The thickness of the waist slab = 6 inches