Initial Setting Time Test

After adding the water to cement, the subsequent paste gets solidified and attains strength and as a result the consistency is reduced concurrently. The term setting means hardening of the plastic cement paste. Initial and final setting times are considered as the two hardening conditions of the cement. The beginning of condensation is known as the initial set, marks the point in time while the paste is inoperative.

  • Initial setting time should not be lower than 30 minutes for OPC and 60 minutes for low heat cement.

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Final Setting Time Test

The final setting time indicates the time after which the paste gets stiff so that the angular attachment to the needle, under standard weight, can't provide any mark on the hardened concrete. Initial and final setting times belong to the rheological properties of cement.

  • The final setting time should not be in excess of 10 hours.

Soundness Test

  • To find out the soundness of cement 'Le Chatelier's method' or 'Autoclave' test are conducted.
  • There is no proper test for deduction of soundness because of the existence of excessive calcium sulphate. But its content is easily determined with chemical analysis.