Different types of repair materials for concrete structures

Epoxy Resins

Epoxy resins are exceptional binding agents containing extreme tensile strength. The compositions of the chemical preparations can be modified according to needs. The epoxy components are amalgamated just before using them. The product contains low viscosity and can also be infiltrated in small cracks. The higher viscosity epoxy resin is suitable for surface coating or filling bigger cracks or holes. The epoxy mixture strength is based on the temperature of curing (lower strength for higher temperature) and method of utilization.

Epoxy mortar

For bigger empty spaces, epoxy resins containing low viscosity or higher viscosity should be blended with sand aggregate to develop epoxy mortar. Epoxy mortar mixture contains greater compressive strength, extreme tensile strength and a lower modulus of elasticity as compared to Portland cement concrete. In this way, the mortar does not become a rigid material for substituting reinforced concrete. The epoxy is also a combustible material hence it is not applied separately. The sand aggregate mixed to develop the epoxy mortar produces a heat sink for heat generated and it offers increased modulus of elasticity too.