Some useful tips to strengthen RC beams

Inclusion of steel bars and expanding the cross section area of the concrete

This method is suitable when both the steel and the concrete don’t have the capacity to tolerate the stresses on the beam because of the extra loads. The method is given below:

Once the concrete cover is detached and the reinforcement steel is cleansed, coating it with the material to get rid of the corrosion. Create holes to the entire span of beam and to the full width under the slab maintaining a distance of about 150-250mm. These holes are stuffed with cement mortar having low viscosity. Steel connectors are provided to tie up the new stirrups. The steel connectors are provided in the columns to tie up the steel bars included with the beam.

The added stirrups are concealed with steel wires and new steel is provided in these stirrups. Then the concrete surface is coated with a particular material to keep the perfect bond among the old concrete and new concrete just prior to pouring of concrete that is a low shrinkage concrete.