Burnt Bricks

To produce burnt clay bricks, the molded clay is provided into a kiln and then heated with fire.

According to qualities, the burnt bricks are categorized as follow :

  • First-class bricks
  • Second class bricks
  • Third class bricks
  • Fourth class bricks


First Class Bricks

First-class bricks contain good quality with regards to other types of bricks. They are molded with table-molding and burnt in heavy kilns. So, these first-class bricks have a standard shape, piercing edges, and smooth surfaces. They are long-lasting and contain greater strength. They are ideal for permanent structures.

These types of bricks are expensive as compared to other classes. The standard size is 19 x 9 x 9 cm . Its compressive strength is not lower than 140 kg/cm2. After submerging them in water for 24 hours, they do not absorb in excess of 20% of water for 24 hours. They are suitable for all sorts of construction in the exterior walls as well as for flooring.

Second Class Bricks

Second class bricks come with modest quality and burnt in kiln. They are molded through the ground-molding method and as a result they lack smooth surfaces and sharp edges. The shape of the bricks is also uneven because of the roughness in the ground. These are long-lasting and contain good strength.

Smooth plastering should be applied on the brick structure. Its compressive strength should not be lower than 70 kg/cm2. These types of bricks are recommended for external work and then plastering should be provided. They can also be utilized for interior works but not for flooring.