Parallel Chord Truss

Parallel Chord Truss contains a bottom chord and a top chord that run parallel to each other. Additional supports are also provided in the form of struts according to need.

King Post Truss

It belongs to a central vertical post that is utilized in architectural or bridge design. It functions in tension to give support to a beam underneath from a truss apex above.

Queen Post Truss

A queen post truss bridge comprises of two uprights which are arranged about one-third of the way from each end of the truss. These are attached across the top with a beam and apply a diagonal brace among the exterior edges.


Pratt Truss

Under this type of truss, the web members are placed in such a manner so that against gravity load, the longer diagonal members remain under tension and the shorter vertical members undergo compression.

It is suitable for spans that vary among 6-10m.

Howe Truss

It is mostly found in light roofing in order that the longer diagonals undergo tension under reversal of stresses caused by wind load.

It is suitable for spans that vary among 6-30m.

Fink Truss

Fink truss is ideal for longer spans with high pitch roof, as the web members in such truss are sub-divided to acquire shorter members.