Different Types Of Floor Finishes

Concrete Flooring (Vacuum Dewatered)

Under concrete flooring system, concrete is poured in place and vibrated with a poker vibrator. The surface is then vibrated with a screed vibrator, which is supported by channel shuttering spaced 4.0 metres apart. To get the best compaction and levelling, the screed vibrator is used twice. Following that, a system of lower mats and a top mat is installed on the green concrete and connected to a vacuum pump. This helps to remove any extra water.

Terrazzo Flooring (marble Chips )

In India, terrazo as well as tile floors were formerly quite popular and are still used in middle-class homes. However, unless the tiles are produced of the right materials and are properly cured, they are prone to pitting. It also requires polishing after installation, thus enough time should be allocated for its installation during the design stage in relation to the building's completion date.